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Distance Casting

Using Surgical Tubing for Long Distance Power Casting

Power casting several ounces of weight on a surf rod with a conventional reel requires that you get a good grip on the spool so that it doesn’t slip under your thumb before you get to the release point. This simple fact never caused me any trouble when casting on the field but it give me fits when I went to the beach. Its a lot harder to keep the spool from slipping when your thumb and line are wet. Here’s one way to deal with the problem.

Take a piece of 3/8 inch surgical tubing and cut it to about 6 inches long. Make a cut half way through about 3/8 of an inch from one end. Slide the rear portion of your reel foot through the hole in the tubing.

Diawa 30 with Surgical Tubing

Mount the reel on your rod. Now you can grip the spool with your thumb using the tubing as a non-slip thumb pad.

Griping the Spool

When you cast, just release the spool as you normally do and the tubing flops back and out of the way.

The Release

This tip made all the difference for me and I hope it helps someone else.

Submitted by: BLUTICK

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  1. Brian Says:

    I just wet the spool prior to casting, that method seems like it would require alot of guessing as to when to stop the spool or slow it down because u cant feel the line…

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