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Shark Identification: Sandbar vs. Bull

The cold weather usually brings Sandbar Sharks and it might be useful to have an article handy for easy identification.  The most commonly mistaken shark with Sandbars is the Bull shark.

Bull Sharks:
-Much larger heads with blunt and round snouts
-Smaller differently shaped dorsal fins
-Do not have an interdorsal ridge.
Here’s a picture of a bull shark. Notice the big fat head!
EDIT: Here is another shot of a 6′ bull showing the shape of the head and snout.

Sandbar Sharks:
-Have pointier snouts
-Tall over-sized triangularly shaped dorsal fins. They look like sails.
-They have a defined interdorsal ride, which is a ridge of skin going down their back in between their two dorsal fins.
Here is a picture of one of Jake’s nice Sandbars
Here is one where you can see the ridge and the much more pointy snout.
Here is the close up. There is a ridge of skin that goes from the first to second dorsal.
EDIT: Two pictures that show the shape of the snout of a Sandbar from another angle.

Article by: Matzy

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  1. catfish fishing Says:

    Great reading material. I’ve learned a lot by reading here. Thanks! Pam