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Shark Fishing 2009

Well it is finally here the 6ft Plus Club Video for 2009! Putting this video together brought back a flood of memories from this past year. I can not say it enough; what an AWESOME year for the members here at TSF.

There were many contributors to the video, new members, old members, members that are no longer here (some that I personally miss), one time posters etc. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR PARTCIPATION HERE AT TSF! We hope to see you again in 2010!

The members are what make this site so great and without all the members we wouldn’t have “The greatest collection of sharkers in the world!” Please take no offense if I missed one of your sharks it was not done intentionally! Hope you enjoy!!

Submitted by: LaSharkHunter

2 Responses to “Shark Fishing 2009”

  1. CRISCO Says:

    this is an awesome website ive been looking at for a few weeks i fish in jekyll ive been shark fishing for the last year i went on 4 trips last year and have already planned 8 trips for the upcoming year me and my wife cleaned up our life and needed a hobby and we stumbled across shark fishing and with the help of this website we hope to go from novice to getting a few pics for you to put in your video next year thanks

  2. THE SENATOR Says:

    Awsome Site. I learned alot of tricks and trates about shark fishing.
    I alway refer my members to your web page. Awsome Job Guys.

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